“Creative Gallery Manager” Documentation by “Megatpl”

“Creative Gallery Manager v2.0”

Created: 10/2/2014
Update: 26/9/2014
By: Megatpl - www.megatpl.com
Email: megatpl@gmail.com

Thank you for purchasing my script. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here, or email me at megatpl@gmail.com. Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

  1. Preparing...
  2. Upload process...
  3. Installation...
  4. support...
  5. credits

1. Setting up your MySQL and FTP server - top

This script requires PHP 5 and MySQL.

Now, first thing you want to do, is to make sure you create a MySQL database along with an user for it.

So your requirements are:

A) A MySQL database + MySQL user
B) Domain name + FTP server.

2. Upload process - top

  1. The first step is to upload the content inside the folder "Script" (IMPORTANT NOTE: Upload what's inside the folder Script, not the script folder) into your public_html folder or into your default FTP root folder.
  2. The second thing is to upload into your .sql file from the folder called "MySQL" using the IMPORT function available in MySQL.

3. Installation process - top

Now, after you uploaded everything, you can start the installation process.

Changes inside Script

  1. Create new database

  2. With a text editor (e.g.: Notepad), open the following file located inside the 'Script' folder: mega-system/mega.connects.php.
    Now, replace what's inside the brackets (e.g.: 'dbhost') with your MySQL settings, you should have something like this:
    // host [ localhost name ]
        $dbhost       = 'localhost';
    // name [ database name ]
        $dbname       = 'creative_Gallery';
    // user [ user database name ]
        $dbuser       = 'root';
    // password [ database password ]
        $dbpasswd     = '123456';
    save and exit.
    Now, after you finished the steps above, upload the edited file mega-system/mega.connects.php to Script folder from FTP.

  3. Goto Link www.sitename.com/.

  4. Delete File setup.php.

  5. URL Admin www.sitename.com/admin.

4. Support - top

  1. Support:

5. Credits - top

Thanks so much to
  1. Bootstrap v3.0.3
  2. jQuery
  3. jQueryUI
  4. Thickbox 3.1
  5. jQuery Multiple


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